Know the advantages of a digital menu

Know the advantages of a digital menu

April 18, 2022

  1. Safer
    This is the reason behind digital menus popularity, being the paper menus one of the possible means of transmitting virus, such as coronavirus. The fact that it doesn’t require any physical contact makes the digital menu much safer.
  2. Faster
    Besides the security, the biggest advantage is the speed of choice by consumers. The customer arrives and can immediately check the menu and start choosing, without necessarily having to wait for the employee to bring the menu. This way, the employee does not stay busy with so many tasks, being able to attend each table with more quality and attention.
  3. Cheaper
    The first reflex that restaurant managers have when thinking about installing a digital menu is that the price must be high.  But that concept is no longer true – this is where another great advantage for the establishment comes in, which is the ease of renewing the menu without having to spend money on new prints. If a dish changes or the restaurant wants to make a day promotion, flexibility is much bigger with the support of a digital platform. That functionality can make people visit the restaurant more often and make an important and positive promotion.
    The result is that, while saving resources, the restaurant can invest the money that has not been spent on new materials in other areas, such as improving service, besides the customer experience and satisfaction.
  4. More Eficcient
    Another very interesting positive factor is that it can attract a bigger number of foreign customers, by providing the menu in several languages and with images. That is quite desirable in cities that receive tourists from all over the world. This is a way for the customer to understand what each dish has without being necessary the employee’s intervention, especially when it comes to typical foods of each nationality that don’t have translation.
  5. More Flexible
    Do your establishment work on several different dishes? Often, some of those dishes aren’t available? With a digital menu is possible to make instant changes, and it is also possible to change the dishes completely in a simple and quick way. That way, the restaurant is able to display only the dishes that are available at that moment.
  6. More AttractiveUnlike the traditional menus, that get worn out and uninteresting over time, this technology screams modernity. 
  7. More informativeIncreasingly, legal requirements are made regarding the provision of nutritional information on food sold in bars, cafes and restaurants. The digital menu facilitates the presentation of this type of information and maintains the attractiveness of the menu. In addition, it is possible to carry out updates in real time, in case any dish undergoes any type of change.
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