Protect yourself and your customers

Protect yourself and your customers

September 04, 2020

COVID-19 has become a major threat to society, its effect on the economy and the lives of companies was equally devastating. 

During the critical period of the pandemic, in which people were confined to their own homes, the tourism and catering sector faced one of the most critical periods.

Some restaurants managed to minimize their losses by keeping their operation restricted to take-away, but the truth is that many others were forced to close or advance to a layoff situation.

With the lifting of the confinement, a new reality and measures appear for going out on the street, jobs, schools or perform tasks, that require cares to avoid a second wave of contagion. That is why, in addition to the mandatory use of a mask, it is necessary to avoid contact not only between people, but also on objects and surfaces that may be contaminated.

It’s in this context that restaurant visits, until now something usual of everyday life before the pandemic, can be reflected in citizens’ fears. There are many measures to minimize risks during the establishments opening.

The use of conventional paper menus, for example, was advised against and is now required to be protected on the tables, without direct contact with the consumer.

The digital menu is a technology that was already used by some restaurants. It consisted in using tablets that allowed customers to choose their meals and drinks with more flexibility, autonomy and easiness. With the arrival of the pandemic, the concept of digital menu not only become popular, but also suffered some changes – the establishments tablets were no longer used, and the smartphone itself began to be used.

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